Entrepreneurship - A New Trend

Posted on Saturday, February 20, 2016 by Achyut Joshi

Roughly in the last 8-10 years, entrepreneurship as well as the title, I am an 'entrepreneur', have become extraordinarily popular. Students, Authors, Politicians, Journalists and Business people all want to be associated with the concept of entrepreneurship. It has become the latest Fad! People all around the country want to be an Entrepreneur. Eh, what kind of an Entrepreneur? The one who goes on to become a Billionaire!

 No idea is worth a million dollars, but a business built around a single idea can be worth a million dollars with the right team and in the right place at the right time. Moreover, talking about the new entrepreneurial trend hitting India recently, it is only the BIG cities like Bangalore, Hyderabad and metros being focused for growth and education, what about the smaller towns? They still lag way behind them and only a few percentage of people know what entrepreneurship is. There is still a lot to change and knowledge to be spread. Being an entrepreneur is still a dream for many. And that should change! There are people in tier 2 cities who still have no idea who a seed investor is and how to get in touch with one. They have no idea what an incubator or an accelerator is and how much value they can add. This needs to change!

What matters to me is that I want to find a problem that I and many people have. I want it to be real-life fixing, I don't care if it's something revolutionary and disruptive, or something simple. What matters is that it should be able to FIX a Problem! And then comes the idea of Startify. How to get an idea? How to start once I get one? What is the next correct and logical step? These are the questions I faced and most answers were very tough to find. And there enters Startify, which aims to solve all the basic problems of an aspiring entrepreneur.

Oh, yes, there is a big difference between Business Idea and Startup Idea! Identifying a problem worth solving can lead to great startup ideas. Solutions to clearly defined customer pain points make for the most compelling value propositions. You don't always need to start with a "startup idea." By learning what problems people have, you can begin to formulate solutions. Start observing things, small things. See if things can be done a better way. Talk to people around and know the problem they are facing. Just don’t run after money, do something valuable and the cash flow will start. Just don’t run after the word ‘entrepreneur’, run after your dreams. It’s a new swag in the current world, but be prepared. Entrepreneurship is not an easy task, it involves hard work, patience, dedication and things aren’t as easy as it may look. You can do it, only if you want to. Go ahead, give in your best and build your dreams to reality, but carefully.

Confused on how to proceed after you have a brilliant idea? Trust on Startify, which has been transforming ideas into companies.

"Why do so many founders build things no one wants? Because they begin by trying to think of startup ideas." --   Paul Graham


Kushal Basu

Kushal Basu1 year ago

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