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The J, is a product to bridge the gap between physical and real world with intuitive user interactions like voice and gestures.




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Siddharth Shah

Siddharth Shah2015-05-25 13:59:40

hey guys, sorry I was a bit away, so yes, I wish to make a full digital eco-system integrated with physical services like wearables and other devices in general

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Aditya Agarwal

Aditya Agarwal2015-04-11 05:23:55

I could just get a basic theme of the idea, but what you exactly do is still not clear. Could you be a bit specific? I guess it would also help you in giving 1 min pitches.

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Himanshu Sikaria

Himanshu Sikaria2015-04-08 16:10:12

Hey Siddharth, its a nice idea and there is a requirement for the same. But how do you plan to execute it ?

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