Startify Journey

  • 1
    Problem, customer and solution.
  • 2
    Find out who is your competitor.
  • 3
    Validate with your customers.
  • 4
    Ask something to the community
  • 5
    Mention your revenue model
  • 6
    Prototype and analyse response
  • 7
    Try to get your financials done
  • 8
    Strategize your roadmap
  • 9
    Connect and Launch

Clarify your problem, customer and solution.

Firstly, mention what is the pain-point you want to solve. Only focus on the problem as of now. Be very precise here.

Now identify who all are suffering from this problem you want to solve. Mention here the people who will PAY for your product/service. Be as descriptive as possible.

Propose a solution for the problem stated.